Welcome to Grain and Graze 2

Grain and Graze 2 is strengthening the resilience of mixed farming businesses across Australia by helping farmers to understand complex systems, adapt to market risks and seasonal changes, and to make informed decisions to optimise grain yield and livestock productivity while protecting the environment.

The program is operating in seven regions across the mixed farming zone or wheat/sheep belt of Australia and is engaging with farmers and advisers through farm research activities, demonstration trials, fields days, workshops and publications. Grain and Graze 2 is coordinated by the Grains Research and Development Corporation and is partly funded by GRDC and the Australian Government's Caring for our Country initiative. The partners have invested a combined $12 million into the program over the next four years supported by farmer levies and matched by the Australian Government. Funding and support from regional project partners including state departments and farming systems groups has boosted the total program investment to $25 million.

To participate or inquire about being a part of Grain and Graze 2 activities please contact your local regional coordinator or visit the region page by clicking on the above map or drop down boxes.

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